Cyber Schooling and Betsy DeVos: A Personal Perspective

Nora Devlin


This essay offers a personal perspective on cyber schooling, by a graduate of a cyber high school. In this paper, I discuss my own experiences with cyber schooling, and how these experiences helped to form me as a citizen and democratic educator. I then critique cyber schooling and identify various flaws in its design and implementation which affect both individuals and communities. I tie these experiences and critiques to an analysis of how Betsy DeVos, Donald J. Trump’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education, may prioritize school choice in the national education policy. Using an interview with DeVos in Philanthropy Magazine, I examine how DeVos’s own words betray her biases and lack of experience with cyber schooling, and the future of public education. I conclude with a call to educators and citizens to unite in their advocacy for democratic education, and schools that prioritize learning over testing. 


cyber schools; democratic education; school choice

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